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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lightahead Ocean Master Ocean Wave Light Projector Review

I was super excited to receive the Ocean Master Romantic Relaxing Ocean Wave Light Projector from Lightahead. I always like to try and clear my head and make sure I am relaxed before bed and this wave projector is perfect for just that. I usually use it without sound and on the plain blue color, which is my favorite but I decided to try it out last night with some sound. I hooked the projector up to my computer with the cable that is provided for you, to find some relaxing wave sounds. I usually sleep with just a fan on and no other noise but I think I can get used to sleeping with these relaxing sounds I can use on the wave projector. You can connect any of your personal devices to it and listen to normal music on it as well, but I prefer ambient sounds. The projector is very easy to use with only three buttons to navigate with. The middle button works as the power and it cycles through the different colors and color patterns. The left and right buttons control the volume. I also like that it has an auto shut down function. The power cord that comes with it is on the shorter side but you can use batteries instead if this is an issue. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to everyone of all ages. 

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