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Saturday, August 27, 2011


I know we all do it....complain about stupid little things, but it really got to me the other night. I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Sometimes I watch it to laugh and sometimes I watch it because I am bored but this time, I really wish I wouldn't have watched it at all. In this particular episode the family went to Bora Bora ( Oh how I wish I could go there for a night or two) Kim complained about the stupidest, pettiest, things you could possibly think of! One, the "room was too hot".....well one the AC wasn't on yet and two the sliding door was open. She literally almost had an anxiety attack over it. I'm thinking to myself, you are in freakin' Bora Bora with the biggest room, nicest view, with your whole family and your man! Really?! You are complaining?!? Once I got over that, the next scene her guy throws her in the water (which is beautiful, blue, and see through!) and it is all fun, giggles, and games until she realizes one of her $75k earrings are missing! She flips out, starts crying, and storms off. Again, people loose earrings all the time, especially with long hair, and she is crying like a baby. OK, yes they were $75k...but you are a freakin' millionaire, buy another pair! If you didn't want to have a possibly of loosing them, don't ever wear them and keep them in a glass case so you can look at them or something. I literally laughed out loud at her crying. We have people that can't afford their bills, who can't see their family members, who live on the street,  who don't have money to eat, who barely make it living pay check to pay check and this girl is crying on this luxurious vacation because her room is hot and she lost an earring that would take me and most of us 3-5 years to save up for, literally, if I didn't spend any money on bills, food, clothes, or anything, I could afford those pair of earrings. Anyway, like I said already, I know we all do it, so I am not saying I am innocent at all, but this episode just really made me think. Things that make you go "hmmmmmm"

Side note: I really haven't had any songs stuck in my head lately because I haven't been listening to any music

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  1. I had the same reaction to that episode. It was gross. Her boyfriend was pretty turned off, too! ha!


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