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Monday, March 28, 2011

Only the best

Seems a lot of good has been happening around here, so no complaints for me! I know, that is a first! HAHA! Justin ordered his shirts last week for his company, I am so excited to see his work come alive. He has been working so hard and I absolutely can not wait to see it pay off for him!

Saturday night, Justin and I decided to go to the dog track with the family and I'm glad we did. It meant a lot to my mom to have all 6 of her kids in one place for the night. We all had a lot of fun. Of course, Justin and I are NOT good at betting on dogs apparently. Maybe we should try the lottery? Hmmm...

Oh and on a random side note, Justin was right. *yes, I admitted it* He told me if I stopped contacting my friends to see how they were doing and if they were free to hang out, they would start to want to hang out with me more and what do you know, I'm popular! In a way, it feels good for everyone wanting to hang out with us, on the other hand, it is kind of stressful trying to fit people into our crazy busy schedule that we already have. I am taking it day by day though. Would you like me to pencil you in....???

Last but certainly not least. just wanted to inform you that I am working from home, finally!!! Amy Jorgensen is an official at home medical coder!!! Yayeeee yayeeee! <~~That was for you, Justin! :D

Got my hair cut

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And here are 3 that are from different dates, so what, I cheated on the project again but at least I have one picture a day, haters!

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