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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lightahead® Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb Review

I am really enjoying this Smart LED Light bulb. To get started, I downloaded the app "DeSmart" from the app store and it took less than 2 minutes to set up. The app will ask you to turn on your blue-tooth to pair to the smart bulb. Once connected, just hit the "light" button to turn it on/off. Now I started looking at how to change the colors, which was super easy. Just click the "light button" and there you can adjust how bright or dim you want it to be as well as which color you would like. You can choose from tons of different color shades. One very cool way of choosing which color to use is the color grab option. Just hit the "camera mode" button, point it at an item in the room in which you like the color of and your smart bulb will match to that color as best as possible. For example, I pointed the camera at my curtains, pressed the button and my bulb went to a similar pink color. I thought that was pretty neat.
When clicking the "music" button, you can play music that is on your phone or even through an app. While it is on the music mode, the light will change to different colors automatically. However, the colors do not change to the beat or tempo of the song being played, which isn't too big of a deal to me. I am very impressed with the volume of this bulb. Not only is it loud enough to hear throughout my bedroom, it has some decent bass to it too, which I wasn't expecting. You can also stay connected to blue-tooth so you can use the lightbulb as an alarm. Just set your normal alarms on your phone and it will play through the bulbs speaker. Right after setting those alarms, I recommend using the sleep mode. In sleep mode, just pick a relaxing color and it will slowly dim and then shut off eventually.
I definitely recommend getting the Lightahead Smart light bulb. Great product for a great price.
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