NN2uex2hLTE-6AzWK4OLi2XPdEc Don't judge me: Never ever ever Week 6

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Never ever ever Week 6

Never ever ever.....

Will I not enjoy themed Birthday parties

Will I not enjoy sleeping in

Will I not miss Milwaukee as soon as I leave

Will I enjoy 90+ degree heat

Will I understand why people purposely hurt someone

Will I understand why people feel it's cool to give the middle finger in pictures

Will I not put my loved ones first

Will I like the "Keep calm and _____" thingy's


  1. I don't understand the middle finger in pictures thing, either!! It just seems so tacky and classless. Great list!

  2. I hate the heat+humidity too.

    so you don't like Milwaukee?! :)

    cute blog!

    1. Thanks! Is it sad that I had to re-read my Milwaukee post to make sure I didn't write it wrong? LOL I looooove Milwaukee!

  3. I know what you mean about the heat. It's been 100+ here and I hate it!! Unless I'm in a pool or at the beach, I hate the heat!

    1. The pool makes the heat all better for me for the time being :)


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