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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cancer is evil

     Today I took my dad to his oncologist to get some fluids because he is super weak and losing a lot of weight and a shot because his white blood count is low and I had a breakdown. As I dropped him off at the front door, I watched his scrawny self struggle to walk to the front door. He walks so slow and it takes so much out of him. I can see his shoulder blades poking out of his shirt. I watch him slowly walk to the front door as he holds his, too big for him now, pants up because we can't afford new clothes right now. Within seconds, I burst out into tears.

     No one deserves to get cancer but especially not my dad. He was never a drinker, he was never a smoker, rarely got sick and was only in the hospital once his entire life. Now, since January he has been admitted into the hospital four times so far. With blood transfusions, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting, my Dad does not deserve this. A man who has always put everyone first his whole life and still does now. A man who would do anything to make you laugh/smile. A man who has already struggled financially his whole life because he helps out others. So, why him? I just don't get why he has to go through this.

     I could probably ask so many more questions and say so many more reasons on why he doesn't deserve this but it won't change the fact that I hate cancer and it is evil!

A bear that was given to him at chemo from a foundation here in town
Just some of the cards he has received. He is loved by all. Such a great man, my hero, my dad. 


  1. Oh my heart goes out to you. I know there's nothing I can say to make it better, but you're family is in my thoughts. We are going through our own cancer drama with my dad at the moment, and its just devastating. Stay strong xx

    1. Thanks, Vicki. It means a lot to me. You and your family are in my thoughts as well.

  2. I'm so sorry you and your father are having to go through this...but it has to be such a comfort to him to have you walking beside him through this hard time! Don't give up girl :) Will definitely be praying for you and your dad!

    1. Thank you so much, Bethany. I really appreciate it


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