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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Can't sleep

     I found out last week that my Dad's colon cancer may have spread to his liver. They found a few lesions on his liver from a CT scan they did and even though we are praying they are random cysts, we all know there is a very good chance it is cancer. I have been so positive these past few months since he had his PET scan back in February showing his cancer didn't spread. I never realized the evil son of a bitch named cancer could spread so quickly while undergoing chemo. I can't sleep right now knowing in several hours I will be the one with my Dad potentially receiving more bad news. It breaks my heart to see my Dad, my best friend, my hero, someone so kindhearted  going through something so awful. It makes me sick to my stomach, over and over again to feel this helpless, knowing there isn't a damn thing I can do to make him feel or be 100% back to his normal self. Any and ALL prayers are welcome and very much appreciated.


  1. Im so sorry Amy. Cancer SUCKS. I don't pray, but you guys will be in my thoughts for sure. If you ever need to chat feel free to message me!

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate it. The lesions are cancer. :(


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