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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things that make me happy

     Even the smallest, cheesiest things can make me happy. Stephanie from Three loud kids pointed out that I need to smile more, well at least in pictures. It's true, I do need to. For many reasons, I'm not in the "smiley" mood. Lots of stuff is going on right now and it is hard to deal with at times. I will try my best to smile more and here are 10 things that make me happy:

1. Chocolate milk. If you want an instant smile on my face, give me chocolate milk. Always works.
2. Hugs and kisses from my snookems make me happy. I feel like everything is OK when I am with him.
3. My parents dog, Nala always puts a smile on my face. She is always there for me, as weird as that may sound.
4. I am happy that I am finally in the delivery area of Jimmy John's. Yum!
5. My parents and sister make me happy. Always.
6. I love taking naps. 
7. Swimming! I wish I had an indoor pool so I could swim year round, whenever I wanted.
8. Milwaukee. I love going back home to Milwaukee to visit my cousins. I'm just happy the whole time when I'm there. 

9. Being with my good friends. I love being goofy and not caring what others thing.
10. Smiling makes me happy. If I am smiling, that means everything is OK  I'm in a good mood and have no worries, for the moment. 


  1. Much better!! I agree with #4, Nothing gives me a smile faster than some delicious jimmy Johns

    1. Love me some Jimmy Johns, had them for lunch today


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