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Thursday, February 2, 2012


When I tell people, I don't go to church, they sometimes look at me funny, or maybe in disgust even, but it doesn't bother me any. Just because I don't go to church, doesn't mean I don't believe in God. There are several reasons I don't want to go to a church and I will get into a few of them. I have been to a few different churches for different religions and I agreed and disagreed with things with all of  what I have heard at them, but when I went there, I felt like they all were trying to make me believe and see what they believe. There are still to this day, a lot of things I don't understand in religion, like how it really can change a person, if you let it. The people that I know personally that it has had it happened to, changed them into someone worse, before it turned them better. Why is that? If they believe all these good things, then why did they become someone they are not? If they were so happy with themselves, why are they a different person now? I don't think I will never know the answer, but one thing I do know is I don't want to be forced into something I am not, or for that I don't believe in. Another reason that really bothers me and makes me not want to go to a church is that knowing that just because you go to church, doesn't mean you are a good person. How is it that someone may sin in such a great way like rape, murder, violence, or theft and go to church on Sunday, thanking God for what he/she has and has given them, when you just took that ability to do that away from someone else. How can someone be so evil to do anything like that to another? Anger is usually the reason, but how can anger make you do something so horrible and what will it really solve? These are just more questions no one will ever have an answer to. So, why don't I go to church? I feel I will always believe what I believe, feel what I feel, and be who I am with or without going to a church. I believe in God and feel I am blessed for the life I am given to have such a great family, a wonderful boyfriend, several good friends, a roof over my head, money in the bank, food to eat, to be able to see the world, to have my hearing, and many, many more things I am truly thankful for.

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