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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm back....for now

Now didn't I warn you I was awful at blogging? Come to think about it, I'm actually quite awful at social networking in general. I probably have an account to almost every social networking site you can think of but barely use any of them. I guess we shall say I want to be social but don't care to be?! Make sense? Well, it does to me. Here are some random updates to get you caught back up....

With Justin in Orlando
Hmmm so let's see. It's a new year and I started that off in Orlando with my sister, mom, dad, brother, niece, and boyfriend. It was a mini vacation away from reality and I loved every minute of it.

Our poor little puppy, Nala got Parvo right after we got back from Orlando and it was awful. She almost didn't make it. With the awesome care of my friends animal clinic that she works at, she pulled through...Thank God!!!

Sweet Nala
Onto better news, I finally found my parents a cheaper, nice house in a decent neighborhood. We moved last weekend and they love it here. Now they can start catching up on bills and I can start paying off some of mine so I can save up to get a place with Justin. Things are looking up people!

Next weekend will be my nephew Colin's 1st birthday party. I can't believe he will be one. Look how cute he is!

Oh and since we moved to a new place, we will be having a grand opening of Club Hazelhurst! You know only the best are invited. This event will be hosted by DJ Razz and Becky (The bartender)

Phew, I'm glad I finally got to post a blog before February, haha. I am going to at least do one a month, which will be a challenge of it's own.

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