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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Justin holding Adison, can't wait to have a little one
Man oh man! So, I have been at my new job for 6 weeks and unfortunately, have been sick for almost 4 weeks of it. Let me just say, not fun at all! Congestion, runny/stuffy nose, fever (thank god that part only lasted two 2 days) cough, and worst of all, loss of hearing in my left ear. I could handle it for a few days., but my left ear has been clogged for over a week now! I thought it was ear wax build up, so I tried google, which would be every ones first choice due to lack of money, right? Haha. I tried what I saw was recommend, which was peroxide, yeah...nothing. Then I went to the store and got a wax removal kit, again...nothing. So now I am getting frustrated! So I finally go to the doctor with not enough money, fight with them, and finally was seen since the doctor was so nice *and new, so maybe that was why, haha* He said I had otis media and a viral infection. I am taking ear drops, nose spray, and antibiotic. Ugh! I went to the doctor on Monday and now it is Sunday and the meds are finally starting to kick in! Can't wait to be well again! Anyway, here are my project 365 pictures for the week.
Hard at work

Bella watching sports
Jax Beach back in 1940, wish it still looked this way

Justin hard at work

My 2nd semester report card

I <3 sunsets

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