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Monday, January 10, 2011

Bahama Breeze

Our leftovers, loved our waitress
Project 365 - Raspberry Mojito
I have been wanting to go to Bahama Breeze for awhile now and was kind of disappointed that I couldn't go for my birthday because I heard it was kind of pricey. So since I couldn't go then, Billy and Courtney were nice enough to get Justin and I a gift card for there for Christmas. I was so excited that Sam and Robert wanted to go to dinner with us and since I'm broke (as always), we chose Bahama Breeze. After eating there, it is now one of my favorite places!!! Nice atmosphere, very friendly staff ( including the chef and managers we met), delicious drinks (I got the Raspberry mojito, yum!), and some of the best food I have tasted! I got the Cuban sandwich with a side of fruit. Let me tell you, the fruit was fresh and can I say so tasty! The sandwich...mmm mmm mmm! I also tried a bite of Sam's mahi mahi *licks lips* . I know, I know, it is sad I am getting geeked up about a restaurant, but I wasn't the only one. Sam, Robert, and Justin agree! We felt like royalty there, that is how nice we were treated. I highly recommend you eat there and let me know what you think.

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