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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another update

<3 Trever, Amelia, and Kendall
I officially have started the next step in training at work, I'm getting charts on the computer now. It is definitely different then paper charts, a lot more real, so it makes it more exciting, yet nerve wrecking. I always want to do my best, so when there is pressure on me, I tend to get nervous, that is normal, right? Besides that, nothing really is new with me. Lots of school work, spending time with Justin, and that is about it. No time to really be social right now. As far as my project 365 goes, here are my updated pictures. I kind of cheated since I was so busy, I couldn't take one picture a day, but up to date, I still have 23 pictures, so that will have to do! Here you go!

Nephew and nieces

Dallas, and my nieces and nephew

No smiles, like father like daughter

Angel my mom bought, love it
My brother Kevin and niece, Kendall

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