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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Fun

With Kim and Joelly

Birthday Girl
I turned 27 on December 1st, or which I like to say, 21 with 6 years experience! I was a little saddened that I didn't get to my original party idea of Pink and Black Birthday Bash and my best friend wasn't able to make it because she was sick, but I still had a lot of fun! On Saturday, December 4th,  We *Billy, Courtney, Brian, Kim, Joelly, Doug, Justin, and me of course* ended up going to Applebees for dinner. Cheap, but oh so good! I ordered alfredo noodles with provolone stuffed meatballs, yum! I was a little iffy about getting it, but so glad I did! After a few Bahama mama's, my meal, and dessert of my favorite, strawberry cheesecake, it was ready for the bill. Our waitress was pretty quick and very nice, but she just kept walking past our table, so we were like that is weird. Brian asked if we got our bill yet and we said no and we were ready to go to continue the celebration. Finally, Joelly stopped the waitress and asked for our bill and she said it was taken care of. I was confused, thinking, wow, I know it is my birthday, but usually they give you a little scoop of ice cream, not a whole meal. So we asked, what was 
taken care of and she said the whole bill! I looked over at Brian with a confused look and he was pointing to Doug, who had paid for every one's meals, all 8 of us!!!! I was so thankful and still can't believe he was nice enough to do that! He also got me this cool pink and black pimpette cup! Next, we went to Whisky River, which none of us have been. We weren't planning on staying there long, because I thought it was going to be kind of boring, since I like to get my groove on dancing to music with a beat, but we ended up staying all night! It was so much fun and they played a little old school rap, new rap, pop, country, and oldies but goodies!

Brian, Billy, Doug, and Justin

The Love of my life

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  1. I had fun! We need to do it again sometime now that I have a job :)


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