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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Wardrobe Wish List

Every year I look forward to Fall and one of the main reasons is all of the cute clothes! I mean seriously, who doesn't love leggings, boots, pikos, blazers and scarves? You all have to know my love for KiKi La'Rue by now so I decided to show you my first "Fall Wardrobe Wish List" KiKi La'Rue style! I have over 50 items on my wishlist, yes, they have that many amazing items that I want and need but here is my top 10!
Soft Shimmer Sweater
Long sleeve charcoal piko
Aqua Lenore Infinity Scarf
She means business blazer
Heather Mocha In Love Jeggings
Cherokee leggings
London Lady wrap
Girl next door bow sweater
5th Avenue blouse
Lacy not Racy

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