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Friday, July 19, 2013

Vino2Go XL and Brew2Go {Review}

     I was recently at an outdoor gathering thrown by a close associate of mine. Of course they had the usual wine and beer served there as this was a gathering for those of the adult variety. Naturally after a few glasses of wine, it becomes more of a challenge to navigate through the crowds without the having the mishap of spilling on someone's brand new evening dress. Yes, I did indeed have the mishap of spilling wine on someone's brand new evening dress. So after shamefully leaving while apologizing profusely on the way out, I made my way home and settled on my laptop set out on my wonderful journey on the wide world of Google to see if there was some sort of 'wine glass' I could possibly smuggle into the next gathering without spilling my beverage on another person again, after all, I'd hate to be known as that person at the parties.

      After coming across these two cool cups called the Vino2go and the Brew2go, I just had to get my hands on them. So I eagerly reached out to The Product Farm to see if I could try these babies out and do a product review on them! With said, I was given the opportunity and pleasure to do a product review on these cool, and of course spill proof cups.
       The first thought I couldn't help but notice about these two cups is that they kind of remind of me of a sippy cup for adults. I think that's so cool. I mean, who doesn't miss their sippy cup from their childhood days? Okay, so I may be alone on that thought. Anyway, after opening up the package, I was impressed by how the Vino2go has a wine glass shape.

     After eagerly filling up the Vino2go with some champagne, I proceeded to take my first sip. I was worried it would spill as I had poured a little too much champagne in it, but to my surprise, the spout of the sippy cup prevented it from spilling onto to my clothing. This definitely will help the next time I am on a boat party or possibly the next time I am out with friends at the beach. That sold me there, as I admittedly am a bit clumsy when I am drinking.

     All in all, I highly recommend the Vino2go and the Brew2go for all of my active drinkers out there. Whether you're hanging out with friends at the beach or maybe when you're out with the buds on the golf course, The Vino2go and the Brew2go is the perfect cup for spill-free fun.

     The good folks over at The Product Farm were very generous enough to give us a promo code for all of our DJM (Don't judge me) readers out there. So when you hop on over to The Product Farm, be sure to use promo code DontJudgeVino near checkout. Thank you all for reading and a big Thank you to The Product Farm for giving us the opportunity and pleasure to review this lovely product!

Disclaimer: This is a completely unbiased review and am in no way paid to or being influenced to give a positive review for this product. 

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