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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 on Tuesday

1. I am finally..."buttery bum" free....for good ! *Inside joke*

2. I have been having daily headaches, if not daily, then every other day at least. Not.fun.at.all.

3. Finally getting my doctor appointments underway. I need to stop putting the important stuff off so easily.

4. It seems like forever since my favorite shows have been on, why must they do this to me?

5. I'm not a big fan of baseball, but I am totally looking forward to going to the Suns game this weekend. I will have a few of my good friends there and my boyfriend in a VIP sky-box with unlimited wine, oh and a side of a baseball game.

6. OK  this is my first time using GIFs (I'm a little behind) and I think I'm addicted to them. I actually had to take a break from this blog post just to look up "New girl" and "Revenge" gifs.

7. I pretty much like any type of cheese, blue cheese, swiss cheese, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, you name it. So I thought I would buy some colby cheese tonight but I wasn't a fan. This just ruined my "I love all cheeses" thing I had going on.

8.  I want to have another themed Birthday party. I just love them. I don't think any theme will EVER out do my 80's party, it was epic!

9. I can't wait to go swimming again but will miss the cooler weather.

10. I know this sounds obvious but since I just recently met the worst parent ever, I just want to end this blog post with, If you can't handle kids, you should NOT have not had any. Period. 

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