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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. I walked my first 5k on Sunday. (My feet still hurt!)

2. I saw a picture of Justin Bieber today and never knew the boy had a body! I have "Bieberfever", well until he puts his shirt back on.

3. How come it seems we are tired all day at work and then when we get home, we are wide awake!?

4. This Spring forward has me messed up still. I usually adjust to it pretty well, but not this year.

5. How fun does this look?

6. I love chocolate milk

7.  Why yes, yes I do!

8. Am I the only non-teenager who watches "Pretty Little Liars"? I hate/love that show!

9. My new shirt, I love it :)

10. This being random stuff is pretty easy, except when I'm picky with what random stuff I want to say. Haha.

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