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Thursday, March 15, 2012


So far I have had a pretty decent week. I found out after being with my job for a year and a half that I will finally be getting a raise. I'm not sure how much it will be yet but I'm hoping for at least .50! It seems everyone I know always get dollar raises but I don't think that is in my "luck" vocabulary but I am staying positive so we shall see!

I'm hoping my week continues in this path of sweetness...I get my MRI results tomorrow about the lump in my leg. I wish they would just tell me on the phone. I usually don't mind but these people make me nervous when they tell you some test results but not all. They said my blood work was good except for my thyroid but no details!? Really, that's all you are going to say? I mean why don't you tell me everything or nothing at all on the phone instead of me having to worry and wonder in the mean time? Im staying positive though and I know I will be fine.

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