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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My other half

In August of 2008, I was talking to this guy, just like almost all the other guys I talked to or dated, only wanted me for one reason. Of course, I was getting sick of it, but sadly, I thought, at least I am getting some attention from guys, and once in awhile, I felt, that was good enough. So, one of the many nights I couldn't sleep, I decided to go on myspace and browse guys profiles, which I very rarely did and those times I did, I never actually wrote any of them because I figured all guys were the same, or at least the ones I've met. I decided to write two guys out of the 5 pages I looked at. They both caught my attention in different ways. I highly doubted that either of them would write back, but to my surprise, they both did! One, I only talked back and fourth to for a very short while because he wanted to meet me and "get to know me" which I could tell all he wanted to that one thing I always gave up too easily in my opinion. The second guy I wrote, was Justin. He was very good looking, seemed nice. I was very happy he wrote me back and didn't want to hook up right away. We talked for the first night for a few hours back and fourth, and we got along great. I was a little disappointed he had a girlfriend but then again, I was talking to a guy too but knew he would never commit to me. Justin and I talked online for a while until I was brave enough to talk to him on the phone, we then too, got a long great. Even though we were both kind of committed to someone else, we knew it wasn't working out for either of us, so we decided to meet in September. He was just as good looking as he was in his pictures and just as nice as he was in talking to him. I got butterflies when I first saw him, and wanted to kiss him, but was too scared to because I couldn't tell what he was thinking of me. I thought for sure meeting him in my baggy scrubs, he wouldn't be interested anymore, but to find out, he still was! The next time we met up, we kissed and it was amazing. The butterflies came back again. We hung out as much as possible from then up until October 25th, 2008 when we made it official. Justin and I have been dating for 3 years now and things are going great! I have never had a guy who has treated me so well before in my life. Many of times I thought, this guy is too good to be true, what is wrong? Something has to be wrong? The only thing that was wrong was me thinking that way! Justin is the love of my life and I couldn't be any happier!!!! Oh yeah...and I still have those butterflies *smiles*

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