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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Too quiet

I have the house to myself, for the first time in years. I seriously couldn't tell you the last time I was home alone. I don't mind it, but it is different. You would think I would take this time to do school work, right? Yeaaaaah, that isn't happening! I did school work all week, today is my boring, do nothing but catch up with my shows on the DVR. I kind of wish I had someone to hang out with today instead, but oh well. Some quality time to myself isn't so bad, well and Peggy is following me around of course :D  Here are my pictures for Project 365

Feb 15th - Justin likes me hair like this

Feb 16th - Toby chillaxin'

 Feb 17th - My friend's son on the front page of Shutterfly

Feb 18th - My pretty toes :D

Feb 19th - Colin is getting so big already

Feb 20th

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