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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crazy busy weekend

This weekend was crazy busy and after it all, I wish I just would have spent it all with Justin. It wasn't a bad weekend at all, but just too busy. I even had to cancel some plans. Sadly, I don't even remember what I did Friday night, I guess I have a bad memory. Saturday, I got up early and finished up my school work for the week, then went to get a birthday present for my friend's daughter, went to her birthday party, then went to the mall for Justin's valentine's day present, then went to my friend's house across town to get my hair done, then back to my side of town for dinner with Justin. Yes, that was all in one day. So today, I woke up, went to my brother's house so my friend could drop off a present for my nephew, stayed there for about an hour, then back to retouch up my hair, and then back home to spend time with Justin, finally. I even had to cancel my dinner plans with a friend because I didn't eat lunch until almost 4 pm, so I wouldn't be hungry for dinner. Yeah, a whole not of crap to do and not enough time! I still managed to take some pictures for the project 365 though. Here they are.

Feb 10th
Feb 11th

Feb 13th
Feb 12th

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